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Anker Innovations arranges its first Meet and Greet session with the Indian Cricketer, Washington Sundar

Anker Innovations, a worldwide leader in technology, conducted a Meet & Greet event with Washington Sundar, a dynamic Indian cricketer and the brand endorser/advocate
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 09-03-2022 | Views: 577
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The event, held at Global Mall in Bangalore, sought to showcase the brand's product experience and technologies and discuss its plans to strengthen its foothold in the country further.

The products showcased at the event include – Liberty Air2 Pro and Life Q35 Headphones among Audio. Besides this, Anker also emphasized its Anker Charging Solutions by displaying its 20W charger and newly launched Eufy X8 Robovac, and Nebula projectors. The company laid emphasis on R&D and innovation, as well as exceptional quality, that has struck a chord with the target audiences. 

Anker Innovations emphasized the Anker Advantage, which distinguishes them from the competition and includes an unrivalled 18-month warranty, indicating the trust in the quality of the goods. Grammy Award Winners assist the brand in developing and testing the products. Anker's unique technologies include PowerIQ, PartyCast, BoostIQ, and ACAA.

Speaking at the event, Indian cricketer Washington Sundar states, "My collaboration with Anker has been great, and I am eager to represent them as they revolutionize technology with their breakthrough solutions. My favourite product among Anker remains Liberty Air2 Pro and Life Q35 headphones. With unrivalled technology, the company has truly made its mark."

Washington Sundar also visited the Lulu connect store at Global Malls to get the first-hand experience of the newly launched Anker products. 

"At Anker, we have always believed in staying ahead of technology and catering to the needs of the consumers. Today, I am grateful that we were able to align this meet and greet with Washi, as we discuss our ambitions to create the brand as India's most trusted electronics brand," says Harish Komarala, Head – Marketing, Anker India.

Anker has sold over 54 million products across 146 countries, making us World's number one #1 Charging brand. The company has over 200+ patents on its product technologies. 
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