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Vedanta Karnataka providing local govt hospital with Masks Sanitizers and IEC material, Shelter Home facility at Codli mines for labourers

Entire world is facing the worst ever crisis due to outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and the infection is spreading rapidly. The novel CORONA virus has already devastated many countries across the globe leading to drastic economic slowdown
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 02-04-2020 | Views: 324
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Vedanta Sesa Goa Iron Ore, as a responsible corporate is always committed to Socio-economic development of communities. During this difficult circumstances due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Our main objective is to protect our staffs and community & take all responsible action to help stop the Coronavirus spreading further. We are completely bound to our social responsibility to support the country, the people and the economy by all means  

Hence, in line with Vedanta Sesa Goa Iron Ore philosophy of care and community welfare, we are extending our support by all means to combat this COVID-19 pandemic to all our stakeholders including that of daily wagers and medical staffs working 24*7 in the hospitals for saving lives of people as gratitude towards long lasting relationship with them.

Vedanta Sesa Goa Iron Ore has planned certain initiatives which will support the nationwide fight against COVID -19 pandemic. Implementation of most of the initiatives are already initiated at Goa, Karnataka and Jharkhand respectively.

Besides recent commitment by our Chairman to set up Rs.100 crores fund to protect livelihood of vulnerable communities impacted by Covid-19, Vedanta Sesa Goa Iron Ore has initiated several on- ground support activities to overcome this difficult situation such as Voluntary One Day salary contribution towards the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund by our employees, Providing cooked food to daily wage earners around Vedanta- Value Added Business, stitching of three-layered cloth masks through local Women SHG's to be distributed to Police/volunteers at Goa and Karnataka, providing need-based ambulance to the district administration at Goa, Vazare- Maharastra and Manoharpur- Jharkhand and Bheemasamudra- Karnataka, providing local govt hospital with Masks Sanitizers and IEC material, Shelter Home facility at Codli mines for labourers who are making attempts to cross state borders by walk to reach their hometowns due to food crisis, providing grocery packets to needy people in coordination with district administration.



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