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Reliance Foundation Awards 1000 Teaching Professionals with Reliance Foundation Teacher Award

The CENTA TPO this year is scheduled for December 14, 2019 and registration is open for teachers across the country
Mumbai | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 27-07-2019 | Views: 348
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Reliance Foundation has awarded 1000 teaching professionals with Reliance Foundation Teacher Awards to recognise the teachers who have excelled in Centre for Teacher Accreditation’s (CENTA) Teaching Professional’s Olympiad (TPO) 2018. 

Select cohort of winners of CENTA TPO 2018 were felicitated by leaders from UNESCO, UNICEF, CBSE Board amongst others in the presence of leaders from several organizations followed by the National launch of 5th edition of CENTA TPO. 

Reliance Foundation has announced the next edition of the Reliance Foundation Teacher Awards in partnership with CENTA & plans to continue the journey of recognizing talent through CENTA TPO 2019 where each of the 1000 winners of this national competition will be awarded with a cash prize and citation. 

The CENTA Teaching Professional’s Olympiad (TPO) 2019 will be held on December 14th, 2019, in 75 cities across India as well as in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. TPO 2019 will be available in 23 subject tracks from primary to senior secondary. 

Reliance Foundation aims to leverage on digital platforms to provide opportunities for professional development for teachers aimed at making teaching an aspirational profession, thereby raising the quality of educators in India. 

Speaking on the launch, Ms. Isha Ambani, said “We are proud to recognise the hard work and dedicated efforts of exemplary teachers through Reliance Foundation Teacher Awards. Teachers play an invaluable role in helping to equip our young people with the skills they need to shape the future of our nation. Reliance Foundation is committed to support teachers to develop and strengthen their skills to help significantly improve the delivery of education across India.” 

Ms Ramya Venkataraman, Founder and CEO of Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) said, "CENTA TPO aims to create a platform for national recognition of outstanding teachers - this plays a fundamental role in our broader mission of making teaching aspirational."

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