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Jain University plays catalyst to students and job aspirants

The University has successfully been hosting Connect to Careers since 2015, receiving active response from the corporate and the student community. Finance, HR, Marketing, Engineering, Animation, Information Technology, Sciences and Humanities were some of the fields from which potential employment was offered to the job-seekers
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 11-04-2018 | Views: 1083
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Jain University in association with First Naukri, LinkedIn and GWFM network forum hosted an education and job fair for students and job aspirants titled “Connect to Careers” and generously opened up its campus to benefit many aspiring students and job-seekers to meet potential employers, envisioning to render career awareness and job opportunities to them. 

Dr. Easwaran Iyer, Dean - Faculty of Commerce and Director - Placements, Jain University, in a few words explained the thought behind Connect to Careers. He said, “Connect to Careers is an initiative of Jain University to provide employment opportunities to job aspirants providing good career counselling. We provide a space for the right job available to the right candidate with the right attitude. It is important that the student should not only focus on the package, but on the challenges the job offers, seeking to upgrade your skills according to the need of the job. This way, you can contribute as an entrepreneur, and learn more. We believe that we are offering the right platform having nobody second to us.” 

Through “Career Discovery and Guidance Sessions”, students pursuing +2, final year under-graduate program, and those who have completed their under-graduate course, were invited to hear first-hand from industry and academic experts about further studies, career opportunities and about making smart career choices. A total of 9,111 students attended the education fair while 3,271 students met with their recruiters on the day. 

The Student Relations Team of Jain University interacted with student-participants, providing them information about various career opportunities and New Age Courses available for further studies. Concurrently, it has its own Student Development Program with a strong Corporate Relations team that provides job trainings, live projects, internships and placement opportunities for their students. Oracle, Collabra, Tata AIG, Eureka Forbes, ACT Fibernet, Omega Healthcare, Northern Trust, Reliance Jio and Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. were some of the 75 companies that participated. A few start-ups like NayaGaadi, Ventura Securities, and Medibox Digital also had an opportunity to connect with a larger talent pool at one place. 

Mr. Uruj Akhtar, Senior Manager, HR, Reliance Jio, advised students saying, “Students have to be clear with the course and career they take up and must be sure of what job profile they are looking for. They have to be serious as time and effort are put in by employers. I think this is a fantastic event as Jain University caters to the employment needs of all students and not only to its students.”

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