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Playablo Bagged “Skill Development Company of the Year” Award

Dedicated towards contributing to the India Skill Development Campaign, Go Sharp Technologies (Playablo), a Bangalore-based, seed-funded Ed-Tech company has bagged “Skill Development Company of the Year” award by Edtech Review at Edtech Review Awards held in Delhi on February 3, 2018
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 07-02-2018 | Views: 1554
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Playablo received the award for its initiatives in the areas of skill development and providing gainful employment for the underserved youth of the country. Playablo has been imparting app-based training through Unnati  NGO’s   50 centres across 7 states and has reached out to more than  5000 youth.

Receiving the Award, Dheeraj Sharma, CEO, Playablo commented “Job oriented Skill Development for young adults is an acute need of our nation. A number of organizations have figured out the training models but unless those models scale up significantly, their impact will remain isolated in very small pockets. This award recognizes as well as bolsters our ambition to bring technology in the core strategy of such organizations that are looking to scale up & accelerate their Skill Development efforts”. 

Angela Kennedy, President and CEO of Carnegie Speech (PlayAblo’s Speech Recognition Technology Partner) added “PlayAblo’s award is proof of the opportunity in the Indian eco-system for disruptive, voice-based Ed-Tech products. It is also a validation of our own patented voice recognition product’s value proposition.
Set up in the year 2012, apart from gamified learning solutions for grade I to V, Playablo focuses on sustainability, strong organization and technical proficiency in the area of skill development and employment for the underserved youth.  Playablo aspires to reach the unreached and unattended to ensure inclusive development in the country. 

ABI Showatech, investor at Go Sharp Technologies mentioned “We are delighted for the PlayAblo team for this recognition. Getting this award is also a reaffirmation of our belief in the team and the passion they bring to the game, which had originally compelled us to invest with them. We are sure this acknowledgement will help them reach out & grow further”.

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