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ScoutMyTrip brings ‘BiryaniTrails’to Bangalore

ScoutMyTrip, a Mumbai based road trip planning platform, began its unique initiative called the Great Indian Food Trip(GIFT)in association with Milton,in South India this week. The 10-day Biryani Trail campaign is part of the Great Indian Food Trip, an asset created by ScoutMyTrip to rediscover the lost treasures of Indian cuisines in the busiest cities of India.
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 12-12-2017 | Views: 873
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ScoutMyTrip team presents the Biryani Trailin the city of Foodies : Bangalore today after the initial kick-off in Hyderabad last week. Next up destinations include Chennai, Coimbatore with the last destination being Calicut. 

Despite Hyderabad Biryani enjoying a one-sided popularity for its authentic taste, ScoutMyTrip considers Bangalore to be a strong contender with a number of variations of the rice dish, yet to gain popularity.The plan is to meet numerous foodies and travelers over Food walks followed by a ‘Bangalore Biryani Trail ‘to be undertaken in iconic eateries like Shivaji Military Hotel, Gundappa Donne Biryani . The team has a mix of localities who bet big on the local flavours.

Part of this entertaining trip are also passionate travelers like Deepak Ananth (CEO, ScoutMyTrip), Shrikanth Bhamidi, an avid traveler from Hyderabad, blogger Saumya Rai (RoadtoTaste) and Himanshu Sehgal (MyYellowPlate), who would indulge in the city based Biryani-Meetups. The team would conduct food-tasting sessions, analyze ingredients and draw comparitives amongst each version. Further each Biryanis type would be carried in Milton cash rolls and the taste of ‘Top Biryanis of South India ‘would be discovered unanimously. 

Speaking about the idea of the Great Indian Food Trip, Deepak Ananth, CEO, ScoutMyTrip said, “The birth of Great Indian Food Trip was a logical step towards the fact that food is and will always be an essential component of travel exploration. Our numerous community members have often told us how they travel justto try out a new restaurant or cuisine and we thought its time to bring back this essential element through the ‘Biryanis’, one of the most authentic and richly prepared cuisine in India. The South Indian biryani trail is the first edition of the Great Indian Food Trip. However, we plan to travel across the country soon, not just for biryanis but for many other legacy foods that India offers”added Ananth. 

Himanshu Sehgal, who is famous for trying out food in his ‘yellow plate’ and is part of this BiryaniTrail said, “I am excited about the Great Indian Food Trip as it combines the best of two worlds; food and travel. I am looking forward to trying out assorted styles of biryanis on my Yellow Plate and the beautiful sceneries of South Indian destinations to go with it.”

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