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Bengaluru gets its first Vegan Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Spa: Vedaearth Lounge

Where the goodness of knowledge and nature combine ** Vedaearth offers a host of Skincare products comprising of face packs, facial oils, anti-pigmentation, anti-ageing, under eye, cleansing oils for clean and radiant skin. Wellness products include bath salts for relaxation, mood elevation and even pain-relieving oils. They also provide hair oil for nourishment and treatment of hair-fall. Since its inception all the products have become a rage and have gained immense popularity among women
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 14-05-2019 | Views: 1584
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Vedaearth part of Addvantis Enterprises LLP, a Bangalore based startup known for its ideology of being vegan, cruelty-free, with no animal byproducts, no harsh chemicals or parabens in any of its products, launched first of its kind vegan spa, ‘Vedearth lounge’ in tahe city today. The lounge was inaugurated by Mrs. Sudha Murthy, Chairperson Infosys Foundation, philanthropist and acclaimed writer. Vedaearth Lounge will use specially curated skin, hair and wellness products, with the goodness of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy to help patrons discover a refreshing and revitalizing way to pamper themselves. The brand has a holistic approach to wellness, and all products are crafted with an unwavering belief in the healing power of herbs and the uplifting aura of aromas.

Speaking on the launch Mrs. Sudha Murthy, Chairperson, Infosys Foundation, philanthropist and acclaimed writer said, “I believe that Vedaearth is a venture that is truly a pioneer in vegan beauty and wellness. The products that Vedaearth offers do not use harsh chemicals, are close to nature and most importantly not tested on animals and hence cruelty free. I always encourage youngsters like Divya, who are entrepreneurs and create their own path for excellence. I wish them all the very best in their endeavors and hope to see more and more people switch to such practice.”

The lounge will offer an array of services to relax, de-stress and provide nourishment to mind and body. These include clear cleanse, radiance revive, miracle mane, eye elixir, aromatic aura and other such refreshing and revitalizing treatments. Recognizing the growing requirements of the people, Vedaearth will soon launch a range of essential oils, skin toner and soaps. The curated formulas for the lounge are prepared in – house, tried and tested carefully in their own research and development facility.
Ms. Divya Dinesh Founder, CEO of Addvantis Enterprises, the parent company of Vedaearth said, “The Indian market is one of the fastest growing markets in terms of skincare and wellness products. However, we recognized a gap in the industry for vegan products and seized the opportunity to provide like-minded people with products that combined the trusted traditions of Ayurveda, with the healing properties of Aromatherapy. From sifting the benefits of natural ingredients to creating products under the guidance of qualified Ayurveda and aromatherapy specialists, triggered the remarkable journey of Vedaearth. The Vedaearth Lounge is a way in which we could bring to life our philosophy and ideologies in the form of an experience that instills a new and natural sense of well-being in all of us.” 

She further added, “90% of our products are exclusively prepared in-house and the rest 10% are outsourced from vendors who follow stringent guidelines and adhere to being vegan and cruelty free. Our therapists are especially trained in-house and currently they will be available in the lounge in different shifts. Additionally we will offer 60 plus services in our facility.” 

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