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Prof. CNR Rao and Prof. MRD merit scholarship award ceremony

Prof. CNR Rao and Prof. MRD merit scholarship award ceremony was held at PES University. The awards are distributed by Sri Nirmalanandanatha Maha Swamiji of Adichunchanagiri Mahasamsthana Math. Totally 1023 students received the awards, amounting to more than two crores Rupees
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 24-10-2017 | Views: 741
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After disbursing the award to meritorious students at PES University, Bangalore, Sri Nirmalanandanatha swamiji motivated the students with his speech. After quoting an incident from swami Vivekananda’s life, the swamiji said giving back to the society should be the priority of all. However, it is not necessary in the form of money; could be in a different forms like physical, mental, spiritual or anything else. Acquiring knowledge will enrich one’s personality and if one wants to be recognized universally, there is a need to share the knowledge to the universe, which will lead to success. Prior to the ceremony, Swamiji visited all important research centres, class rooms and few departments of the University.

PES University Chancellor Dr. M R Doreswamy, while addressing the students, said it is our duty to encourage and recognize the meritorious students.  The criterion for awarding is only on merit and it is fully a transparent process. At PES, we do not receive applications for scholarship, but we proactively take the initiative. We feel happy about the process and always we disburse the award in a ceremony. We are also aware of students from rural background, who struggle in life. We recognize ten such rural Kannada medium students, who are eligible, will get the admission with free education. At PES, placements are another highlight. After getting the University status in 2014, one thousand students of our very first batch of engineering students already got placed and in this, 25% students got placed with an average package of 15 Lakhs Rupees per annum.  He also stressed that upon graduation, students should contribute to the nation. Thinking of society and nation is paramount and quoted 3M’s, which should not be forgotten, which are: mother, mother tongue and motherland. He concluded his speech on emphasizing one should always show reverence to one’s culture and heritage and inculcate values in life. 

PES University Pro-Chancellor Prof. D. Jawahar spoke on the legacy of merit scholarship at PES. It all started with recognizing 28 students with an amount of fourteen thousand rupees, in 1988. This  amount doubled every four years and has reached now to the amount of more than Rupees two crores per semester, which is substantial in every aspect. He also indicated that  to reach the goal of one in top ten Universities  India by 2022 and one in  top hundred Universities in the world by 2047.

Former Director of Technical Education, Karnataka, Dr. B N Krishnamurthy, who helped in the forming of PES campus, way back in 1988, was felicitated. PES University Vice Chancellor Dr. K.N. B. Murthy welcomed the dignitaries and Principal of PESIT Dr. K.S. Sridhar rendered the vote of thanks. Former Deputy Chief Minister Sri R. Ashoka, Member of Parliament of Bangalore Central Sri PC Mohan were on the dais. Senior Statesman and former cabinet minister MV Rajshekharan and others were also participated. 

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