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Strand Life Sciences launches “Spread Pink - Spread Courage.”

Strand Life Sciences organized a Yoga Camp to celebrate the spirit of Breast Cancer survivors as the first leg of their “Spread Pink. Spread Courage.” Campaign
New Delhi | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 10-10-2017 | Views: 2491
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Strand Life Sciences, one of India’s foremost bioinformatics and genomic profiling firms, has launched the “Spread Pink. Spread Courage.” campaign this October to raise awareness around Breast Cancer and to commemorate the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a part of this campaign, the Cheers to Life Foundation along with Strand Life Sciences organized the ‘Life is Beautiful with Yoga’ camp at Anatomy Gym in New Delhi, today. The camp was supported by YogVandana, Anatomy Gym and Narinder Bhatia.
Dimple Bawa, Founder and President of Cheers to Life Foundation, said, “Being a cancer survivor myself, I am well aware of the emotional and physical trauma that every woman who is plagued by this, goes through. Therefore, in continuation to our sustained efforts for cancer awareness and prevention in the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we honour all the women who are touched by Breast Cancer and aim to create more conversations around the disease that affects most women in India. It is extremely emotional to see such a huge number of participants come out for a cause as important as Breast Cancer.”
Dr. Vijay Chandru, Chairman and Managing Director, Strand Life Sciences, said, “With a high incidence of this disease among Indian women, it is absolutely necessary for us to help people with early detection, education and lend support for personalized therapies. We are honored to partner with Cheers to Life foundation and help them raise awareness on the disease. Our campaign, “Spread Pink. Spread Courage.”, aims to support women who are touched by the disease, and also bring about awareness on breast cancer, and encourage women to get themselves checked at the earliest.”
Jyoti Chaddha, who attended the workshop on Tuesday, said on this occasion, “I am happy to support this extremely noble cause of creating awareness about Breast Cancer through this initiative. It is absolutely important for people to know the risks of developing breast cancer and take the necessary steps to prevent its occurrence.”

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