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Colorothon Season-13, India’s largest Online Painting Event in Bengaluru

The largest painting festival that has seen the participation of over 1 lakh people across the country including cities like New Delhi, Lucknow, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. This season it will be the entire nation *** 1 lakh participation expected this season Bengalueu 15th November 2021 : Colorothon – Draw your imagination is a joint initiative by Breathe Entertainment and KidsChaupal, which aims to rekindle the joy of painting and capturing one’s imagination on paper as creatively as possible. It offers an escape for children and teenagers from the monotonous routine of academics. Additionally, the event will be appreciated by Exclusive World Records for the greatest number of people painting online of this age category. Contest entries begin on Children’s Day, 14th November, and the submissions will be uploaded on the KidsChaupal app.
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 16-11-2021 | Views: 537
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The first twelve seasons of Colorothon, as is popularly known, were held offline. The pandemic threatened to dampen artists’ spirits this year, but KidsChaupal stepped in and offered to host the event online at an even greater scale. Tisya Singh, a 15-year-old multi-talented artist, and performer, the Brand Ambassador of KidsChaupal will be the face of Colorothon this year. The co-founders of KidsChaupal, Mr. Dhiraj Singh, Mr. Ashish Srivastava, and Mr. Devendra Jaiswal have envisioned a pan India event for kids to unleash their creative juices. By eliminating the hurdle of distance, their app will allow children from all over the country to participate in the event.
“Our vision is to see Indians from all over the country take part in painting on a day which will be celebrated as Colorothon Day,” said Kishore Joseph, Founder Trustee of Colorothon.

The top three hundred paintings will be donated to Colorothon’s charity partner. The top two hundred paintings in each category will be available for purchase on for our young talents to become entrepreneurs.

With its largest turnout this year, the event will be the culmination of young creative geniuses that will encourage and remind people that a life without creativity and art can never be colourful.

Event Note:
• Entry free
• Duration - Starting from Children’s Day, November 14th, till December 15th
• Three different age categories - Art Treat (LKG to 2nd GRADE); All About Shades (3rd
to 7th GRADE); Creative Streak (8th to 12th GRADE)
• Mode of submission: Any of the A3/A4 drawing sheet or Canvas
• E- certificate for every submission, appreciated by Exclusive World record.
• 600 Best paintings (200 in each category) will be chosen for the auction at
KidsChaupal e-commerce website-
• 15 best paintings (5 in each category) chosen by the prestigious judge panels will be rewarded during the Mega Event.
"We thank Quick Heal for coming on board as the security partner for Colorothon Season -13"

”For online registration log on to

To submit the entries download the KidsChaupal App
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