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Elite Elevators Inaugurates First Thyssenkrupp Home Elevator Experience Center in India

The inauguration of showroom at Prestige Meridian, Bangalore was done by Mr Andrew Warbrick, Managing Director, Thyssenkrupp Access Ltd.This showroom will cater to both sales and after-sales services. The one of its kind experience center has been designed as per Krupp’s global ‘Blue Cube’ design language for showrooms
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 08-05-2019 | Views: 607
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Thyssenkrupp in association with Elite Elevators has launched its First Home Elevator Experience Center in India on 8th May 2019. This showroom is for all the prospective and existing clients to experience the look and feel of their exclusive products. 

Thyssenkrupphasintroduced the concept of Home Elevators in the Indian market. Since there are no set Standards for Home Elevators in India, therefore all their elevators follow European Safety codes and go through 194 different parameters of safety. As opposed to commercial lifts thyssenkrupp home elevators require no pit (just 100mm) and no headroom space. These lifts operate on single phase power supply and require no oiling and lubrication on rails, which reduces the maintenance cost to minimal. Moreover, all their home lifts are certified by third party organizations post installation, which imprints the safety standards they follow.

Live demonstration of all their products is available here, for all the prospective clients. HE300,their premier model runs on cogged belt has an innovative belt driven technology unlike the conventionally used ropes, chains or piston. This not only reduces the maintenance cost but also improves the lifespan of the elevator. In accordance with above features, each HE300 lift is certified with Safety Integrity Level 3, which is the body that certifies safety of nuclear plants. Addressing the launch Press Conference Mr. VimalBabu, National Sales Head, Elite Elevators said, “ThyssenKrupp Access has always been a trendsetter in home elevator industry; this elevator is destined to change the face of elevator market in India”.

This experience center also showcases their award winning Flow 2A stair lift, which too is functional for users to check how it operates. One will be amazed by the patented ‘swivel technology’ which is used in these chairlifts. As mentioned by Mr. VimalBabu “The sole purpose of launching this experience center is to give our customers the firsthand look and feel of our products”. This is the first step in Thyssenkrupp’sendeavor to expand its presence across country. Elite Elevators is planning to launch multiple such experience centers across India in near future, where you can easily step into the World of Home Elevators.

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