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Omkar Music Festival 2019 - Amit Kumar to perform for Elderly Care

Omkar Music Trust is the brainchild of Pt. Iman Das who, has helped hone the skills of over 150 music learners, aged between 3 and 78 yrs in Bangalore, Delhi, Seattle & California. He is a disciple of the celebrated Maestro Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty, Shri Shantanu Bhattacharya [Patiala Gharana] & Pandit Kalyan Basu [disciple of Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Saheb]. He has made his mark as a classical vocalist across the globe with performances across India as well as countries like Germany, Belgium, Austria, Holland, UK, France & Dubai
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 07-05-2019 | Views: 760
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Bangalore will be treated to a 2-day musical extravaganza – Omkar Music Festival on 10th & 11th May 2019 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm at the MLR convention Centre, Whitefield. 

Shilpi’s Voice & Visuals is delighted to collaborate with Omkar Music Trust to bring you the Omkar Music Festival, second edition. This collaboration focuses on one of the most neglected social causes - elderly care. The idea is to inspire the youth to value their elders, be aware that we are following suit, and instil a sense of gratitude. 

Omkar Music Festival is being co-sponsored by YouthPhoriya and Manipal’s American University of Antigua, College of Medicine with the venue MLR Convention Centre being sponsored by Celebrations Senior Living, Brigade Hospitality. Marriott International, Whitefield’s commitment to philanthropy brought them on board as the Hospitality Partner hosting celebrity artists for the event - Amit Kumar as well as Ustad Sabir Khan and his sons. Manasum Retirement Homes and Portea Home Healthcare joined the bandwagon as Gold Sponsors. The Hindu – Metroplus, Radio Fever FM and TV5 supported by becoming the media partners in their respective capacities. Bogineni Coffee a premium coffee experience zone, Indian Music Experience Museum and Cupcake Noggins offered their generosity to be the gift partners for the artists and guests. Silver Talkies chipped in to be the Elderly Care Partner by deciding to anchor the event and moderate the panel discussions on both days. The creative material wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated efforts of our digital promotion partner BrewMyBrand. 

This edition of the festival will see a plethora of of eminent music personalities who have come together to perform and support the cause. A part of the proceeds from this event will go to ‘Omashram Trust’, a charitable trust that provides senior care. 

The star-studded performance will feature 

Pt. Iman Das - Internationally acclaimed classical vocalist.
Shri Amit Kumar - Celebrated Bollywood singer & son of playback legend Kishore Kumar.
Smt. Sromona Chakraborty - Renowned singer from Satyajit Ray movies, daughter of the acclaimed Indian actress Smt. Ruma Guha Thakurta.
Shri Shanker Sett - Renowned Western Cello player who has performed alongside maestros like Iliya Raja, Ricky Kej & A.R Rehman.
Forty Fingers of Farrukhabad - Ustad Sabir Khan, celebrated tabla maestro and his three sons.
Monali Dash - Bengaluru Big FM Champion, playback singer - Kannada & Odiya films.
Ankita Kundu - Zee Kannada SaReGaMa Little Champion & a popular name in the Kannada playback industry.
Anand Gopinath - Skilled flautist and a digital sculptor. 

This festival sets the platform for panel discussion on the “Importance of music for health and wellness of elders” on both days. Mr. Vineet Verma [Executive Director & CEO at Brigade Hospitality], Mrs. Sumathy Anantharam [Partner, Manasum Retirement Homes], Ms. Geeta Shankar [Co-Founder, Omashram Trust Old Age Home], Dr. Uday Kumar Maiya [Medical Director, Portea], Mr. Gopal Devanahalli [CEO, Manipal Education Americas] & Dr. Vani Rao [Cell rejuvenation therapist, healer, philanthropist, Co-Founder & MD, Youthphoriya], Dr. Elizabeth Cherian [Director, Lakeside Centre for Health Promotion], Dr. Githa U Badikillaya [Founder-Director, Destination Heritage], Chhaya Rajput [Ex-Scientist, DRDO], Dr. Parimala Jaggesh [Founder-Director, Alamirap Nutrition Centre] will form the esteemed panel. 

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