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Orb Energy commences installation of third phase of Klene Pak’s 7.63 megawatt rooftop solar system

Klene Paks is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of fertilizer bags, and expects to save more than INR 6.5 crores per annum with payback in less than 3 years ** Orb is a vertically integrated provider of rooftop solar solutions, that manufactures its own range of solar panels in Bangalore, India and provides a unique in-house finance for commercial, industrial and institutional customers to own their own rooftop solar system
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 05-04-2019 | Views: 502
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Orb Energy (“Orb”) today announced that it is in the process of completing phase three of a cumulative 7.63 megawatt (MW) rooftop solar at Klene Paks for their facilities across 3 locations in Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Orb had previously commissioned a 3.63 megawatt (MW) rooftop solar system in Maddur, Karnataka and a 1 megawatt (MW) installation at Hassan, Karnataka in 2018, prior to commencing the third phase of a 3 megawatt (MW) installation in Hassan, Bangalore and Krishnagiri.

"Commercial and industrial customers in India pay a lot for their electricity - Rs. 7-9 per unit. For companies like Klene Paks, the cost of power is at par with their raw material costs. We are extremely pleased that Klene Paks is now seeing substantial savings on their electricity bill from Orb’s rooftop solar systems. Their decision to work with Orb on a repeat basis is a testimony to the quality of our installations and after-sales service.” said Damian Miller, Orb’s Chief Executive Officer. 

Orb’s rooftop solar systems provide commercial, industrial and institutional customers a three- to four-year payback without any subsidy - an unheard-of return on investment on an unsubsidized solar power system. Because many businesses and institutions in India can only afford rooftop solar with finance, Orb also offers a collateral-free solar loan that matches their payback period, after which power from solar is effectively free.

“Klene Paks is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of PP woven fabrics with a production capacity of 60,000 MT per annum. Sipani Marbles, our other establishment at Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu has a processing line to craft world class marbles.  Our goal is to retain our leadership position by providing quality products at a competitive price. One way to achieve this is to bring down our electricity costs and also support green energy. Once Orb completes installation, we expect to produce an average of approximately 38,000 units of clean solar electricity per day, and save more than INR 6.5 crores per annum in our electricity bill.” said Mr. Vimal Sipani, Managing Director, Klene Paks Limited. 

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