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Visually impaired students win laptop computers under the Marga Schulze scholarship scheme

UDIS (You and the Disabled) Forum, in partnership with CBM and in association with JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) CMS Business School, Bengaluru organized the Marga Schulze Scholarship Distribution for Girls with Visual Impairment from Karnataka
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 19-12-2018 | Views: 640
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Dr. Hans Eugen Schulze (visually impaired), a retired judge of the Federal courts of Germany has been distributing the scholarship in Africa and Asia for girls. In India, this scheme is implemented by two CBM partners, the All India Confederation of the Blind in Delhi for the Northern States and the UDIS Forum in Coimbatore. The Marga Schulze scholarship scheme provides a merit scholarship of Rs.12, 000/- for undergraduates and B.Ed. courses, and Rs.18, 000/- for Post-Graduation course.

31 visually impaired girls from Karnataka were awarded a merit scholarship of Rs.12, 000/- each. Further, three of these merit scholarship students were presented with the latest model of laptop computers. Thesestudents were selected based on their good performance in the computer-related software application test. The scholarship awardees hail from various parts of Karnataka like Mysore, Tumkur, Bangalore, Blagavi, Dharwad, Nanjangud, and Gadag to name a few.

Dr.T.R.Ramakrishnan, Associate Professor of JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) said, “We see light from our eyes but I feel that real light in life is seen from our heart.” He also stated that JAIN will always support to educate the socially challenged young students, welcoming partnerships with experts in the field.

On the occasion, Dr.Ismath Afshan, Professor, Department of Sericulture and Life Science and Director, Braille Research Centre, mentioned that the number of books available for visually impaired students to access free of costis increasing. She further urged businesses, NGO and academia to improve the services to make digital content accessible to the visually impaired students.

Ms.RajaniGopalakrishna, Senior Manager, Finance, Legal and Administration, CBM India Trust stated, “Visually impaired girls must prove to be more independent.” She further stated that using computer software is an advantage to these girls that aids them to be on par with their nondisabled peers.

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