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First ever South Asian Throwball Tournament to be hosted in Bangalore

The South Asian Throwball Tournament will be held in Bangalore in January 2019 and the dates and venues for the same will be announced shortly
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 26-11-2018 | Views: 1041
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Under the banner of Asian Throwball Federation, Throwball Federation of India hosted a press conference today along with the Secretaries from 7 different countries to announce the upcoming, first ever, South Asia Throwball Tournament, slated to be held in Bangalore, between the 18th and 22ndJanuary 2019. This tournament will be held in order to promote the game of throw ball across South Asia and countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka, Bhutan, Maldives will be in participation.

Present at the event were Mr. T Ramanna, Secretary General. Indian Throwball Federation, Mrs. A Yasa Ramachandra, President, Asian Throwball Federation, S. Mani, Secretary General, Asian throwball Federation and the SecretaryGenerals of the associations from Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka, Maldives, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. 

Even though Throwball is a game which originated in India, and can be tracked back as one of the oldest games played, it hasn’t been recognized Globally. By organizing the first ever South Asian Throwball tournament, the Federation is looking at picking up the momentum and being included at several international tournaments.

Mrs. A Yasa Ramachandra, President, Asian Throwball Federation said, “We are excited to host the South Asian Throwball League in Bangalore next year. Through this tournament we want to remind people about this game and encourage more people to take up this sport. The sport is deceivingly physical and is especially good for people looking for a fairly simple, but energetic sport to take up. A majority of schools do have an option of the sport on their campus and the infrastructure for this is among the simplest and economically viable for any school, college, public area, apartment complex etc.”

Present at the event, S. Mani, Secretary General said, “The Federation is very excited to host the first of such tournaments in the country where the sport originated and are sure that the tournament will garner a lot of excitement. With the participation of six countries there is ample proof of how far the sport has reached and we are happy to announce that the preparations for the tournament are going ahead in full steam. We hope that this tournament will start the ball rolling in taking this sport across the international sports platforms and build the respect of the sporting community.”

Mr. T Ramanna, Secretary General. Indian Throwball Federation said, “Indian Men’s and Women’s team have participated in many international tournaments and have won many games yet have not received the recognition they deserve. Throwball as a Sport has not received a lot of attention and we would like to change that. Through the tournament we want to evoke excitement amongst people and bring the game into the spotlight.”

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