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Agritex 2017 to focus on Agriculture, Dairy, Horticulture, Food Processing & Aqua Culture

Companies from UK, Italy, Cyprus, Japan to participate John Deere, ICRISAT, Captain Tractors, Telangana State Agriculture, Horticulture & Telangana State Food Processing Society Conference-cum-Exhibition at HiTEX Grounds on Sept. 7 - 9, 2017
Hyderabad | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 06-09-2017 | Views: 986
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The fifth edition of Agritex 2017 is being organized by Kenes Exhibitions in association with Government of Telangana at HITEX Grounds, Hyderabad from September 7-9, 2017. This Exhibition-cum-Conference aims to sustain and augment Agriculture, Dairy & Food Processing in Telangana by bringing farming community, agri & dairy, food processing & aqua specialists on a single platform. 

The three-day Exhibition-cum-Conference will have Agriculture, Horticulture, Dairy, and Food Processing & Aqua Culture as its main conference theme & showcase new trends and developments in the agriculture arena with special focus on Innovation and Start-up Pavilion. The conference has enlisted top-notch speakers from across industry, research institutions, UK, Italy and Universities to deliberate on different topics. 

There is participation from UK firms that include Andra Systems, Cotton Connect, Doug Marriott Associates Ltd, Agro Mavens Ltd, Bentall & Rowlands, G Shephard, HGT Global Ltd etc and also participation from Italian companies that include Intermizoo, Cri-Man Spa and Zenott. Some of the leading confirmed Indian participants include John Deere |Captain | ICRISAT| Kaveri Pipes| Telangana Food Processing Society |Telangana State Agriculture & Horticulture Department, Telangana State Agriculture & Horticulture Universities. 

Some of eminent speakers from UK to participate are Dr. Simon Doherty, Animal Science and Aquaculture Sector Specialist, Dairy & Aquaculture, Dr. Carlos González, Product & Applications Engineer at Bentall Rowlands Storage System, Storage Management or Silo Technologies, Mr. Doug Marriott, Managing Director of Doug Marriott & Associates, Energy Saving Technologies in the Cold Chain, Mr. Ravi Joshi, Director of Aardra Systems, Water Saving Technologies in Crops, Dr. Arvind Gautam, General Manager, Genus Breeding, Dairy Farming, Dr. Belinda Clarke, Director, Agri-Tech East, Innovation in Agriculture, Mr. Graham A.B. Edwards, Chairman and Co-founder, Trantor International on farm tractor technology among others.

Discussion Topics: Post Harvesting, Innovative Farm practices and new farming opportunities in Agriculture | Irrigation Management and Adaptive Greenhouse in Horticulture| Enhancing Animal Productivity and Quality Aspects of Milk & Milk Products| Farm practices and Food processing technology, Importance of FDI in food processing and Supply Chain & Infrastructure bottleneck in Food Processing| Aquaponics, Recirculating Aquaculture system, Improving Fish seed and Fish production in Telangana and Technological Advancements processing in Aquaculture.

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