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MEP to take on established parties
Founded by Dr Nowhera Shaik, the party will contest all 224 seats in Karnataka Assembly polls

The Mahila Empowerment Party (MEP), founded by Hyderabad-based Heera Group’s founder Dr Nowhera Shaik, today announced plans to make a splash in the Indian political scene. Dr Sheikh, addressing the media here said, the party plans to contest all the 224 Assembly seats in the state.

A day after International Women's Day, the party emphasised on working towards upliftment and empowerment of the women. With a focus on ensuring women are able to exercise their rights and get a voice in the political space, the party is contesting the Karnataka Assembly seats as a precursor to the Lok Sabha elections in 2019. It plans to contest all the Lok Sabha seats, all 525 of them.

Dr Shaik mentioned, “Karnataka Assembly elections will be a warm-up. We intend to contest all the Lok Sabha seats and make a mark.”

She further added, “The party wants to stand out in the crowd and not be considered just another party. We are for clean politics and administration. Towards that, first of all, we will ensure that all people we will give tickets to, have a clean record and known in each of their constituencies for their selfless service to the society.”

The party, which has been fighting corruption as a major part of its manifesto, believes that corruption among government employees is because of their low salaries. The party, hence, wants to ensure better pay as a means to check corruption.

Dr. Shaik said, “The budget for the polls will go towards brand awareness and will not be used for buying votes.”

The party believes that the voters must look at right to vote as a means to ensure the betterment of the society as they will be able to vote for the right candidate.

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