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International Business Opportunities Forum Kicks off in BANGALORE
The “i3 Forum” hosted in Bangalore as part of the International Business Delegation (IBD Summit 2020) which is taking place in Doha from April 6th to 9th, 2020.

The “i3 Forum” was attended by representatives of government agencies of India and Qatar, together with stakeholders from business sectors. Interaction at the forum was interesting and intimate as participants exchanged information about the following Indian investment opportunities, global expansion opportunities, potential bilateral trade agreements, and many more.

Vineet C Nambiar, founder of mavericks365, explained “i3” stands for “Innovators, Investors and Influencers”, as the forum aims to provide a platform for entrepreneurs, investors and corporates to find investors as well as access international markets for business expansion or exports. And also he said “Our International Investor Network and the trust they place in us is our biggest asset“.

Bangalore based companies Queens Hotel Group, Flynote, BTCORP signed an official MOU with IBD for the upcoming ventures.
“Every city has certain key sectors in which they are globally competitive; the i3 forum and IBD summit gives them infrastructure to take these products and services to the larger global market” commented Vineet C Nambiar who presented at the forum. He emphasized about a dedicated session exploring opportunities in the ASEAN region at this year’s summit.

IBD International Ambassador Agilesh.R added “The I3 forum aspires to be a major feature in the Indian business calendar; we are getting bigger , bolder and better with each year and have already started preparations for next year’s forum“.

“We are expecting 5 Billion dollar worth of deals at the summit this year and have over 120 proposals from around the world already” said IBD finance director Shamseer Hamza.

The IBD summit provides an avenue for entrepreneurs to ideate, launch and scale ventures internationally by connecting prospective partners, investors and influencers.

A joint initiative by Mavericks365 a Delaware, U.S.-based international platform for ideas, innovation and creation with interests in co-working spaces and ecosystems and Address Business Management, a Doha, Qatar-based end-to-end business management and consultancy firm; the summit is managed by Singapore based event-management firm XPLUS International Pte Ltd.

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