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Khailash Kher hits all the Right Notes
Khailash Kher hits all the Right Notes

It’s no secret that the age-old aphorism ‘music that speaks to the heart’ is often tossed around more often than it should be. However, when Kailash Kher took to the stage in Bangalore and had the audience swaying to his every note, no other expression seemed more appropriate. Performing live at Orion Mall at Brigade Gateway on September 28th, the famous playback singer reasserted his claim as one of India’s most electrifying live musical acts with a phenomenal performance. The event was organised by Orion Malls in association with Radio Mirchi.

“We were certain that Khailash Kher had a flock of passionate fans in Bangalore. But the turnout and fantastic reception he received on Saturday absolutely exceeded all of our expectations. It’s truly a testament to his remarkable talent and the unique connection he shares with his fans. Also, as evidenced by feedback from the audience, the myriad of conveniences and unique ambiance that the mall offered as a venue contributed greatly to the overall flair of the occasion. We believe this event has raised the bar in all respects for live music performance in the city and we’re glad that we were a part of it” says Shashie Kumar, COO –Retail.  

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