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Devotees offer Gold Plated Doormen and Wall Plates to Lord Ayyappa Swamy Temple
The devotees who visited the temple on Tiru Onam day dedicated these gold plated idols and wall plates to the temple. Thousands of devotees were served food on the occasion, and two and a half tonnes of Son Papdi sweet was also served

Ulsoor businessman Vineet Jain, a devotee of the Ayyappa Swamy Temple in Srirampura in the city, has got gold-plating done for the sanctum sanctorum of the Ayyappa Swamy Temple at Sabarimala in Kerala.

A prominent businessman from Ulsoor, Vineet Jain has covered two walls and two doormen deities, measuring up to 50 sq. ft, in gold, which was installed on the day of Tiru-Onam.

Twenty years ago, businessman Vijay Mallya had offered these glazed janitors and walls to the temple. Recently, however, a Devaswam Board member was said to have seen Ayyappa Swamy in a dream who said the gold plating be replaced. It was against this backdrop that the change has been affected.  Devotees of the Srirampura Ayyappa Swamy Temple in Bengaluru have joined hands to do this.

Copper plate was prepared in Hyderabad and gold was plated in Chennai. One of the specialties of this is that usually gold is coated using mercury, but here it has been done using electric technology. It helps to separate gold from the copper when there is need to do so in future. This id difficult to do in the method that uses mercury.

 "If the temple's governing body decides to make another coating in the future, the gold can be reused," said Vineet Jain.

Earlier, a gold-plated door and other parts were coated with gold was done by another devotee in Karnataka. Now, after the doorkeepers and walls were plated with gold, the front part of Ayyappa Swamy's sanctum sanctorum has been gold-plated fully by devotees in Karnataka.


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